Give your bathroom a makeover

As the weeks, months and years float by, life takes over. Before you know it, you’re sitting having a supposedly relaxing bath when you realise just how in need of a makeover your bathroom is. Don’t stress though, as there’s plenty of ways in which to spruce up your bathroom without having to re-mortgage your house.

Bathroom Furniture

Firstly, consider how big a difference investing in new bathroom furniture would make. Even if you can’t afford an entirely new suite, you could think about buying a stand-alone bath or perhaps procuring a new chest of drawers. This really could make all the difference to the room and will make you feel like you’re having a really luxurious experience each time you bathe.

A lick of paint won’t hurt either, if you’re looking for a second option. Paint doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, if you look out for real bargains then you can buy it very cheaply. This is a particularly good option for bathrooms which are cream, white or beige, as neutral colours like these get dirty very quickly. They fade too, particularly when subjected to direct sunlight. In fact, you probably won’t notice what a bad state the walls are until you start painting over them!

Some pretty accessories can help, too. Why not look at getting some candles for the side of the bath or a big, beautiful mirror that will not only spruce up the room but also reflect light in, making the space feel bigger. You could also consider getting some new towels, a new bathmat, some luxury sink ware (toothbrush holder etc.) or a new cabinet. If you only have a small amount of money to spend, this might be your best bet.

No matter what you decide to do, don’t go on living life with a grotty bathroom – do something about it and you’ll feel so much better.

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