How To Compare Water Filters

Planning finds the water filters maybe confuse you to choose who the best water filters in the market. Water purifier product available in the market with vast range of  type, prices, capability, models, or the times of product warranty. Compare water filters maybe becomes difficult things for you.  Any people feels the same worried  for the first experience compare the water filter.

The main things to compare water filters is finds about what the capability of water filter to remove all of contaminants for your waters. Not about the most popular water filter product, the cheaper prices of product, or elegant design which you like it. The points  should becomes the last things considered to compare water filter.

To find the capability of water filters to remove your all contaminants, you can take a look the main filter of water filter. The tipe main filter of water filters explains what the type of contaminants which can be removed. The type of water filter available in the markets are:

Carbon Filters

These filter can remove a lot of common contaminants such as chlorine. Chlorine remove with activated carbon which can absorb the contaminants from water. Carbon filter can not effective to remove for other types of synthetic and chemicals contaminants such as pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, arsenic, or herbicides.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

These method remove contaminants using semi-permeable membrane. The micron filtration remove harmful microorganisms, sediment and turbidity, toxic mineral, harmful additive fluoride, or other contaminants having molecular size larger than water molecular. Reverse Osmosis Filter also remove importance  mineral for our body such as calcium, kalium and phosphorous. Mineral deficiency can happen if you always drinking these water every days. The water from reverse osmosis water filter is not advisable for drinking water.

Distillation Filter

Distillation process using heat source to vaporize water. These method effective to remove mineral toxic or harmful microorganism. But if the water contain chlorine, these contaminants also vaporaze and move to container holding pure water. Distillation filter also remove the importance mineral for our body form waters. Just like RO filters, these filter is not advisable for drinking water.

Multi Block Water Filters

These filters method using combination of multiple techniques such as sub micron micron filtration, carbon filtration, and, ion exchange. Multi blog water filters very effective to remove all contaminants type such as harmful microorganisms, many toxic minerals, bacteria, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, radon 222, lead, mercury, dissolved solids, prescription drug, cysts, virus, VOC, THM, and other contaminants.

The filter do not remove importance mineral present in the water. The filter is the result of new water filters technology. The water from this filter recommended for drinking water.

The other thing you must considered to compare water filters are:

  • Check the NSF rating of the water filter or compare what are the certificate they have.
  • Find the water filter which using “go green” tecnology.
  • How much initial and the recurring  cost of the water filter systems
  • Considering percentages by which the filter can remove all contaminants, you can find the water filters which can remove 99% cantaminants from water.

Now you have all the weapon to compare water filters.

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